Occupational Therapy is the use of
specific activities to enhance everyday
skills and promote well-being and

We are a bilingual service offering Occupational Therapy to children and young people experiencing difficulty in performing everyday tasks. Our aim is to help your child fulfill their potential.

We offer the following services:

  • Assessment of your child’s needs by highly qualified staff.
  • Therapy to help children reach their goals at home, school and play. 
  • Individual therapy
  • Group work such as handwriting and fine motor skills.
  • Support to families, carers and teachers. 
  • Consultation, reports, training and workshops.

What is Occupational Therapy?
Occupational therapy is a para-medical profession which aims to enable people to participate to their maximum potential, in activities of every day life. We do this by enhancing people’s skills and abilities, or by modifying the environment to better support participation.

Who is it for?
Occupational therapists help children to overcome difficulties, which may be a result from physical or mental illness, or an accident. We work with children and their families to maximise their ability to lead full and independent lives and, where possible, prevent disability.

Following prescription from a doctor, the therapist treats patients with a physical or psychiatric illness or handicap who find it difficult to carry out or organize their daily activities. Treatment is aimed at improving or maintaining motor function, sensory, cognitive or mental abilities in order to maximize the person’s autonomy in carrying out their activities of daily living.

The therapist assesses the patient’s difficulties and to chooses the means and methods of treatment that she deems best suited to the patient. The occupational therapist provides individual sessions, group activities or exercises specific to the needs of the patient’s rehabilitation.

The occupational therapist can prescribe adaptations to the environment for people with disabilities, advise on the choice of adaptive equipment and tailor strategies adapted to the individual patient’s needs (e.g. splints, aids for daily living). (Ref: Art. 123 de la Loi du 29 mai 1985 sur la santé publique)

How can you access OT services?
If you would like to know more about occupational therapy and how it can help you and your family, you can ask your doctor. Alternatively, you can contact Ergo-Léman at Coppet or Gland to obtain more information or to arrange an appointment.